My biggest problem with Qiyana is her W.

Imagine playing Akali and you use your shroud. You are directly in the middle of the shroud and the only way to your shuriken flip is to move the cursor to any point on the shroud but NOT IN THE CENTER. I'm not even talking about using the second part of her E, just being able to activate it. That's what Qiyana's play style feels like. Why am I not able to use my W anywhere? "You can only use it by the wall, river, and brush." Ok you're right, so let me rephrase the question. Why the fuck did they design it this way? She can keep the extra abilities in her W, that part is fine. However, if I know that 90% of the time I'm going to use the terrain to empower my Q, why do I have to move the cursor to what feels like one end of the screen. If I dont correctly position my cursor, Qiyana just stops. Whether I try to dodge a skillshot or start up some combo, she will stop what she's doing until I move her again. Besides all of that: - her wave clear sucks - I didnt have much mana issues - her wave clear sucks - her ult started out feeling underwhelming until I started being more efficient with it's usage. - her wave clear sucks - there's something about her Q that feels a bit off. - her wave clear sucks All in all, the folks at Riot really need to do something with Qiyana.
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