Duo lane feels far too much in control of the game compared to everyone else

Just find it kinda comical how it's preached so hard that the game is so much of a team game and we should treat it that way and how solo carrying shouldn't happen because of the nature of team games, meanwhile the Duo lane and Jungler hold so much influence over how the game goes it's insane. If my bot lane hard lost i'm screwed they're gonna come to my lane take my tower pretty much set me super far behind so i have to always be watching only bot lane for TP oppourtunities, i feel like i have no Freedom in my TP's and it sucks that if i'm not getting my Duo lane ahead some way it's probably not worth incase i need it for that later. I don't mind jungle outside of the fact at how hard they can just sit on a lane and still be relevant it's just not fun being blocked out of playing and pretty much auto losing off not being able to get CS without being ganked or dove. I really just feel like i've lost so much freedom in the roles i enjoyed playing i am forced to itemize and play in such a linear way towards victory and it's really drained alot of fun out of the game for me at least.
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