I'd rather be waterboarded every day for the rest of my life

Than go up against a Brand "support." Fuck this champion. Fuck him Vlad the Impaler style right up his nose. I'm so sick and tired of having him hit level 3 and then me losing 80 of my health bar because his Q is practically undodgeable without boots and his passive is holding his hand and jerking him off at the same time. Poor baby needs a kill so we let Brand players feel like they have more than three brain cells and gave them free damage because why not. People who play Brand "support".... you disgust me in a way no other human being has ever done. And fuck you Riot for letting this festering pustule of a "champion" continue existing in this cancerous state. Fucking balance team. There isn't a bigger oxymoron on this planet, nay in this universe than LoL's "balance team".

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