Now that Supports are nerfed Season 5 has returned

Season 5 was the meta in which the game took a turn for the worst. There was no strategy and absolutely no way to play the game other than blowing people up and snowballing. One of the few things preventing this from happening was the fact that Mages could shove these assassins in <- Nerfed Supports could prevent an asssassin from being effective <- Nerfed Assassin rework <- Mostly Reverted Now I'm down for some dead ADC's, yeah? Buhhhhhhhht I'm a support / Jungle main. I'm quite literally dying in a second if I pick somebody that provides shields / heals. I feels like it's a detriment for me to pick a support if they lack a fighter / bruiser, I'd much rather sit back 50 miles away with artillery and avoid the mid-laner who's smart enough to pack an assassin.
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