If you get "timed out" error in champ select...

I was sitting in champ select, ready to select my champion, and the opponent's timer for his pick went to 0. Instead of putting me back in queue, my game seemed to freeze, and nothing happened for about a minute. Then, I got the "Error: pvp.net connection timed out", and then I got sent back to queue. However, I had a dodge timer on me, even though it was not my fault that I didn't lock in. Luckily this wasn't one of my promos, because that would seriously ruin my day. But that got me to thinking, is there a way to distinguish between people that actually dodge and people that just time out? If there is, and there isn't a way to abuse this, then there really needs to be no penalty for timing out in champ select. Obviously, if there's no way to replicate it, then it was not an intentional disconnect, and there's no reason for someone to be pentalized for it. I don't really understand the error completely, so if someone wants to educate me if I'm wrong about something, please do.

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