Illaoi is not balanced at all

Why can illaoi can go 0-3 in lane, fall behind 50+ cs, be down 3 levels, and still be able to not only survive the rest of the lane phase but also outduel the fed opposing laner by hitting 1 e? This champ is horrendously balanced. EDIT Spare me the 'don't stand still in the middle of her ult' advice please. I do actually think when going in for trades. been surfing youtube and twitch for high elo matchups against illaoi. in a large majority of games, dyrus, box box, sickmotion, hashinshin have all gotten beatdowns playing renekton, riven, jax, volibear, irelia, etc against illaoi. did not see them do anything particularly wrong. it's just incredibly difficult to trade favorably against illaoi. people will realize she's broken eventually.
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