There is no way to call the IE change a buff to Yasuo.

He pays 500 more gold and his breaking point for when he starts doing more damage to an enemy compared to old IE is ~~175.44~~ 166.666 armor or more. This is because he is limited to 100% crit chance and 90% crit damage meaning he does not get the use out of the 60% crit chance being doubled to 120% it is still limited to 100%. If he did get 120% then it would be closer to the 83.33 like everyone else who gets IE + Zeal. Yasuo actually got screwed by this change. Not a fan of him just giving the numbers. It is comparably bad to when riot nerfed the hell out of trinity for most of season 3 making Irelia be around a 44% to 46% win rate. Edit: due to a miss calculation in the crit damage I used 2.4 and 1.9 for old VS new instead of the proper 2.25 and 1.8. This has been corrected in the spreadsheet. The calculation has the armor breaking point at 166.666 for when new IE becomes better.
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