Hold up who was the absolute moron who okayed Jhin in URF??

Like, if he'd had his NORMAL move-speed steroid Instead of 1K+ MS ON EVERY CRIT FOR LITERALLY ZERO GOD DAMN REASON, I might have been able to ignore the fact that he can poke you under your tower FROM HIS for y'know LITERALLY FREE EVERY 1.5 SECONDS [Can someone explain why he's able to do this at any point, and, better yet, what's okay about him being able to do it?](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Me-scOYBHhtTNJIkRX6aN4LCJSlJqAgz/view?usp=sharing) He's literally moving so god damn fast that there is no way anyone who isn't fucking scripting could actually intentionally hit him. You have to throw skillshots randomly and hope he walks into them, but since he's moving at the god damn speed of light and apparently has zero time delay in changing directions (even though the whiplash from some of those turns should've instantly killed him on it's own), he can evade skillshots even if he's literally running at them as long as his mouse responds. You really don't care that the gamemode that's supposed to be the "League but wholly for fun" has something this mind-numbingly broken, Rito? Like, Katarina is kinda nuts in URF this time around cuz of her dagger mechanic and the 80% CDR. Kassadin is nuts cuz of his late-game powerspike hitting at like 4 minutes and only scaling up from there. Ezreal is as spammy as ever. But if you throw enough shit at them, especially shit that they can't just shunpo/riftwalk/arcane shift over/through, they'll die. How do you kill something moving too fucking fast to even auto-attack, much less land a skillshot on, that does enough damage to not even let you do that more than fucking twice on most champs? And, for anyone who got Jhin in any of the ARURF rotations, did he do this shit? Cuz I don't recall ever getting him in or playing against him in any ARURF rotations, although that could just as easily be me.
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