I just vs Rengar Top

Is there no limits to this champion? Is there nothing this champ can't do? I mean damn, he got early and late game dmg deleting squishies. He got invisibility, he has huge range out of brushes, an insane sustain, and easy escape. I mean I know Wukong is a shit fucking champion against any fucking match up, but god damn it feels bad that any champion can be taken top and out lane me simply because of damage and sustain difference. Too many champions are abusing CDR with {{item:3161}} as well. Its getting ridiculous. I did have a useless jungle who first timed Kayn and a shit ADC that has went 5W 14L in the last 19 games, so maybe I was just fucked by matchmaking with a shit team. Maybe it is not Rengar. Typical for promos I guess.
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