We have SO MUCH to ban and you made a champion able to be banned multiple time?

let me give you an entire list of worthy bans in high elo {{champion:114}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:104}} so why did you transform this amazing feature of 10 bans into one of the worst fcking idea ever? was it too hard to make one team baning 5 champions, and then the other team baning 5 champions? i'm legit trying to contain myself right now, because in master tier+ you didn't give us 10 bans you legit gave us 8 bans as {{champion:117}} {{champion:427}} will take 4 slots already in 100% of our games
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