Riot intentionally gives lower gains/higher losses in diamond. This is the dumbest thing Ive seen from any games ever. Thank GOD I haven't started playing solo q. I am still tilted from last years uncontrolable d1-d4 drop. So, no matter the win rate, riot intentionally gives lower lp gains and higher losses in diamond. At least before in d5, now d4, you could climb out of it sooner if you had a good win rate, despite trolls and people that play 1 game a month. But clever riots way to make it "more competitive", gives everyone lower gains. God forbid you become toxic tho, nooo, when a troll costs you 25 lp and you gain 15, you should be kind to that troll. Why the fuck would I put myself through that torture ? "More competitive", what a joke, no wonder everyone's toxic as fuck. Holy shit, this makes me mad and I didn't even start ranked. By the looks of it, I won't, for the first time in 6 years.
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