Nocturne is the perfect example of how terrible the balance team is

Riot games just refuses to nerf broken champions like Nocturne with shit design. Laning against a nocturne is one of the most cancerous experiences I've had playing this game. Nocturne with lethal tempo and ignite, actually doesn't fucking lose lane. How is it fair that he can just keep healing and winning every fucking trade because I literally cant fight back. If I even attempt to fight back he'll fear me and take out all my HP. And if his ultimate is up then there literally is no counter play to him whatsoever. I've played against both Nocturne mid and top with multiple champions and never won unless I was playing a mage. How is it fair that he can shit on every melee mid champ and most top lane champs in lane? Please nerf this brain dead champion because this is the definition of shit design. Cancerous champions like this is the reason why people fucking hate this horrible game.
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