Low Spec Mode isn't Low Spec at all

From what I've heard, I'm not the only one with this issue. Ever since a year or two ago, the client became slow beyond reason. I remember being able to run 'Regular Spec Mode' for lack of a better term absolutely smoothly and now even Low Spec Mode lags beyond reason. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one with this issue, and that issue is: Why exactly does Low Spec Mode still load so many unnecessary flashy animations and sound effects if it's called Low Spec Mode? Riot says that 95% of the bugs with the client remain unfixed and that they don't prioritize any of the bugs that don't affect matchmaking. Well, it really does mean something when you don't even have time to create a normal new Rune Page for a counterpick to someone if your pick order is halfway through or closer to the last, even if you know exactly which runes you want to go. Literally every rune you click on, it lags for 3 seconds before playing those unnecessary flashy animations and sound effects on Low Spec Mode of all things. Not only, but due to this, when the timer loads to count down from 10, it's really 7 seconds, or at least from what I've seen, the worst has been counting down from 9 only for the match to begin at 7 seconds through, kicking me off my desired rune page and pairing me up with those default rune preset pages we've all been sick of having. I don't often get pissed off about things but if even this pisses me off in normal draft pick, I can't believe the nightmares people would have of this in ranked champion select. I at least want an answer as to why Low Spec Mode exists if it's not low spec at all, it's just "a tiny bit lower than full spec" mode. I've suggested this before and I will suggest it again. If they do wanna keep this current Low Spec Mode, introduce a "Minimal Spec Mode" where there's literally no animations and all the sounds for the runes are all the exact same simple "click" sound. Everything's static, plain and fast: what a 'Low Spec Mode' should actually be.
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