when is Riot going to realize Garen is the weakest champion in high elo

https://s4.postimg.org/jqh1bi819/Screenshot_743.png This is my smurf account, my main acc (d5 garen only: "supermova" euw) currently banned on the boards Riot when are you going to open your eyes and realize that mastering Garen you are only capible of reaching low diamond. That's just sad, and low diamond isn't even that great. How can you be okay that there has NEVER been a Master tier garen main or one trick pony in the history of league of legends, and there has been some pretty dogshit champs that have even reached master like urgot, nasus, pre-rework aatrox etc. You could be snarky and tell me "B-B-BUT THERE IS SOME GUY IN BRAZIL OR TURKEY REGION WHO IS DIAMOND 2 ON GAREN".. lets be honest they are not competive regions and therefore do not count as the quality of the region is very poor. You offer nothing to your team, your early game is useless because you do no damage so you are encouraged to play safe in lane. but you are not rewarded for playing safe in lane because your late game is dogshit aswell since you cannot kill anybody due to kite peel resistances and you get shredded by adcs at this point. You have no cc or utility so even when you are behind you may aswell just 4v5 the rest of the game because you are not going to offer your team anything. Riot nerfed everything about garen to add an inconsistent villain mechanic to cover up the fat they did a terrible job at reworking him. Can't a rioter look at the statistics of garen in high elo already, this is a joke, why are they ok with a champion being so useless and unplayable at a certain point, even the dogshit of the dogshit champs can offer something more than garen, you can litterally play tank kayle and bring more to the team with your ult alone lmao.. Riot keep saying "he will be monster at low elo", but thats not my fucking problem lol. If its clear that it is a players skill that makes Garen strong in low elo that means its not the champion and the player should just get better at the game, because its clear any competent player will make garen utter useless. Either give him a full rework immediately or hard buff him for high elo.. Garen is the weakest champion in high elo and there isn't even a close second.
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