Supporting mismatching

I would really like to know how riot is pairing players. I'm a support main with I think 3 or 4 champs in supporting over 200k. I get paired against supports who are of equal skill to me. Control vision, tracking junglers, zoning, prepping waves at towers, summoner timers being called ect… Went back to playing adc like I did a few seasons ago and seeing complete lopsided matchups. Regardless of counter picks it seems one side has proper macro play. Cannon low? Let's move forward on zone the opposing adc off it. Supports I'm seeing just cast abilities on minion waves regardless of if wave needs to be frozen and/or reset. Is there a page or forum where riot has shown how they matchmake so I can try to understand what's going on better? If advise is giving please be of higher elo than myself as maybe I have missed something.
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