IMO the only thing Yorick needs is better hitboxes

prefacing this with anecdotal bias that I haven't lost to an enemy Yorick once out of about 15 games this patch so I don't even know why he's an issue right now But Yorick has two hitbox issues that really drive me up a wall when I'm playing against him: 1) Ghouls are a pain to actually click sometimes. 2) Sometimes when Yorick walls me in, despite me clicking on Yorick when he moves into melee range, I will auto attack his wall instead. This is worst on the edge opposite to my side (eg I'm playing red side, Yorick walls me in, This is worst on the edge of wall facing blue side) These things become an absolute mess when combined and I never know what I'm going to hit despite me clearly clicking on one thing or the other. I thought it must be me but after experiencing it several games in a row (and watching other people have the same struggle when fighting me as Yorick) I am confident it isn't. I truly believe Yorick is strong due to people not understanding how to deal with him but I think making it easier TO deal with him is an easy and sensible change.
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