3 years plat, 2 years gold - stuck in silver

I'm sorry to everyone that ever said elo hell was real and I didn't believe them. I finally see it now. I've played since season 2 and I've been every rank from bronze 4 to plat 3. I finally see what elo hell is after all these years. 500+ games this season and I still have absolutely no chance of making it out of silver. It really doesn't matter if I do good or bad. For every epic win I get, there is a 10 minute stomp/AFK/intentional feeder that immediately takes place afterwards. I'll do good and lose, do bad and win, completely destroy and carry then completely get obliterated right after. I know people have gotten better at the game over the years but I've never had a problem being able to buckle down and put a climb together like this. Especially in silver. It's hard to believe that I've gotten passed up THAT much to where I'm just a stick in the wind now. Maybe people that play fighters as mains can climb but me, I just don't even see how it's possible at this point. Goodluck all.
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