I would just like to know.

When Galio was Overpowered because Aftershock was overpowered why did galio get nerfed down by 10% winrate completely removing him from solo lane instead of nerfing aftershock? BUT when Vayne is Overpowered because of Rageblade + Bortk combo you just nerf those item to make sure vayne still stays strong? and the WORST Part is Why is Aftershock getting nerfed after all these HUGE Nerfs galio received but theres no compensation buffs for galio what so ever??????? Galio MID Is already at 44% Winrate with a 0.6 % PLAYRATE.... His playrate dropped by over 30X since 9.2 and the whole champion spotlight of the champion is luring players into losing games because YOU CANNOT GO SOLO LANE GALIO AT ALL.
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