Akali revert, or adding old akali back

Akali has been my favorite champion since my first game with her back in season three, when I started playing. Lately though she has seen so many nerfs due to her rework that I feel as if I can't play her. I can win my lane, roam and help my team, but I can't impact the game enough to solo carry. I'm in gold. I am suggesting reverting the champion, or adding back the old kit as another option. I guess the second option would be like another champion. This could also work with all reworked champions. I know someone was very frustrated Aatrox got a rework. These are my thoughts. Thanks for any ideas and comments. I know git gud is always an option. Love you guys, and as always fuck yasuo players. Edit: There should be an option for keeping akali the same. For complete fairness to the vote. I can't seem to find a way to edit the voting options. Should I start another discussion board?
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