I've been playing Wu tank recently

At first I thought It was so good. I am more reliable, I don't get poked out of lane as much even when bullied with the many counters Wukong has. Then I started realizing that Wukong as a tank is subpar, and other people I played with began telling me the same thing. I played tank Wukong because I was tired of laning top into tanks/bruisers whom I can't win lane against. I got tired of playing Jungler against champions who excel at it much more than Wukong does. Champions who can easily invade me, out farm me, out sustain me in the Jungle, and be more impactful pre 6. Of course some games I win, some by a long shot. Over all though I feel that I need to put in much more effort to do well compared to poster child champions who are just good in the meta, or strong through some sort of niche. It is draining to continue to play against that. So I just play for fun now, and experiment builds with Wukong. It is all mediocre though lol. The one time he had something great he got nerfed to hell instead of the years long-awaited change he deserves. Just thought I'd share because I felt like typing.

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