@Meddler:Skarner is on the list of champs that are expected to have a gameplay update.

I am just questioning the fate of our favourite angry rock lobster {{champion:72}} .I have played him a fair amount of times since his days of the perma slow king to his current day form as a movespeed juggernaut. When playing him some issues come to mind like his pre level 6 ganks are not very impactful and it takes a couple items for him to really get going and chase down opponents like {{item:3025}} or{{item:3078}} with a{{item:3800}} .His early game feels weak but his late game is where the real fun lies.It is great to be able to punish a enemy walking under your turret and you drag them further under with Skarner's ult or successfully ambushing an opponent to start a teamfight. My basic question are: *Will he become a better tank or a better fighter? *Will Skarner's pre 6 gank impact be addressed or do you see it as a fair trade off for what he gains at level 6 or there isn't a problem in that regard? *What is the scale of the update It can't be poppy level but is it like gangplank level? *Can you identify some problems that you have observed that has lead to the decision that he needs a gameplay update.
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