Hi Riot, As agreed I'm re-posting this into the gameplay section (not exact as I can't copy and paste the original post. Might have been worth moving it instead of deleting it?) Anyway, Malzahar. Lets have a catchup on the last 6-8 months. So he was out of meta, then a few pros went "We could use him and his ult to win games" And so he joins the meta, much like so many others. But you decided to nerf his q. Fair enough slight reduction in silence. Then you attack his ult, the one you reworked to do less damage and scale worse and is basically the only thing that gives him kill pressure after the attack on his void spawns. So he's now teir 5. Please don't think of this as a sob story, I have a 63% win rate on him and 8.4 was great for me. I'm just wondering what you're plans are regarding him. Is his W finally going to get some attention? Are you happy with the changes? Are you just going to throw him back into the void where aatrox and nocturne have been hanging out where only players like me can find a way to make them viable? Or are you actually going to stop nerfing viable champions to the ground because people cry when they get ulted? If so, do everyone a favour an get fizz, urgot ult, Skarner ult and Moakai while you're at it. Cheers for reading and any response from you would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Loki
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