Fuck this game, I'm actually just done with the fact that you people at Riot are beyond incompetent

You can't balance your game worth shit and seem dead-set on following this "faster is better" philosophy that has pros and vets quitting left and right. You refuse to do anything proactive to punish trolls and Inters at all and focus all your efforts on getting rid of people because they're "mean" in a muteable chat box. Every "fresh idea" you've had just ends up plopping itself down into the festering pile of rancid unhealthy shit you've made the gaming experience. You don't know how to do anything to combat the infestation of XP bots at low-level that make the already shitty smurf bloated low-level "new player experience" impossible for any true new players to ever actually want to put up with. So fuck it, you people have proven you're beyond saving yourselves and this game, so fuck you I'm done, I'm not wasting anymore time on this festering mess with an entire leg in the grave.
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