RGM brain dump. ARURF death timers, RGM custom games and more.

Heya guys, feels like a good time for one of these again. <3 I've gathered a heap of common RGM questions in here, but feel free to hit me up in the comments with anything else. I'll be around for a while, give me a poke. o^_^O http://na.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/scale_xlarge/public/upload/rgm-banner_1920x1080.jpg **ARURF Death Timers** While it feels like it might be fun to apply the URF buff to death timers as well, this would impact game length pretty severely. If champions respawned any quicker than usual in ARURF, games would drag on-and-on while turtling defenses could continue to hold out forever on the fountain. :( Death timers in ARURF are actually the same, if not shorter than regular SR right now. They're also unchanged from regular old URF. Average champion level is generally higher in URF though comparative to game time, meaning towers can feel a little weaker than usual. We'd still rather a snowballing game close-out than drag on forever though, so you can quickly get into the next match. The worst feeling would be bumping up against a stubborn, frustrating defense that isn't earned through player skill, just facilitated by unnecessarily short death timers. **RGM mode custom games** We still haven't been able add support for custom games in the new league client. This #feelsbadman. :( I was sad we didn't have custom games for the new Blood Moon mode. I'm sad we don't have them for ARURF. I hope we can get them working ASAP. We want to do our community games again with you guys. They are not missing by design, we're working to get them back. **Old mode experimentation on PBE** There's a few modes we've run quite a lot (Poro King and Ascension in particular). They're both quite popular modes with healthy engagement, which made them good candidates for filler in between our bigger new modes (like Blood Moon or the new Doom Bots) that we run! Obviously we can't make a Blood Moon mode every patch though (as much as we'd like to), so inevitably we enable modes like Poro King and Ascension to make sure there's still something light and fun to do on the weekends alongside ARAM, rather than nothing at all. We're interested in seeing if there's some unique twists we can put on these modes though to further freshen them up. Right now on PBE we have a version of Poro King with Doom Bots style Ryze portals everywhere. We're going to watch it very closely. PBE is a place for us to test and gauge. We might delete it. **We might change it entirely. It's an experiment.** #PBEthings This also doesn't mean we aren't still actively working on bigger new modes similar to Blood Moon that just released. We are actually focusing even more on modes like that this year, but in between those big mode drops, we still need to use reliable modes like Poro King to fill the gaps. Hopefully we can also expand the roster with modes like One For All once we get support for it in the new client too. **Why not put 'Mode X' into the RGM queue?** If "Mode X" hasn't appeared by now, it's probably because we weren't happy with the design of it and the outcomes (some exceptions are "One For All: SR" and "Hexakill: TT", which are currently blocked due to tech reasons on the new client). We're still building support for a few modes in the new client, but older ones like Showdown or One For All: Mirror Mode just missed the bar on what we expect from an alternate game mode. I won't say "never" in game dev because anything could happen, but it's unlikely we'll bring modes like these back. That also doesn't mean that the core idea might not still be fun (the idea of an intense 1v1 is kinda cool) but we wouldn't use that particular execution of the idea. We'd most like build a newer, better version, that better executes on that gameplay fantasy. -- L4T3NCY

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