Everyone wants to main/play Yasuo nowadays it's so annoying... (perma banning Yasuo)

Just because he got pick a couple times on LCS, and the worst thing is that people actually realize that yasuo is good on any team composition since he can charge his tornado 3x faster than Janna and the missile speed is faster than Janna tornado. having some knock up on your team is a given, some extra spice on your food, and extra food on the table. it's not like the champion can right click you to death because he have 100% crit chance with 2 items you know. (sarcasm) ofc there's also his shield and the fact that,if you have half a brain you will build some defensive items, and a good positioned wall can turn projectile useless for a couple of seconds. you really think there's a champion in this game that actually take skills to play? seriously? like all you have to do is to press 4 button and right click. no one is hard to play unless you guys don't understand some principle the champion mechanics and the item build. my last game I had a enemy yasuo first try, building sterak and trinity force lmao. that's the kind of thing that makes his win rate lower. IF he build the right item path he would have whoop my butt early game and there's literally not much I can do in the early game against a cheesy Yasuo top. most of the new people that started to play yasuo doesn't even know how the champion work, like there no way the champion is actually hard to play you're just lacking knowledge there's no champions that is hard to play. he's at 49% win rate but it doesn't mean that he's not cancer. New people started to play him and they're the one adding the bad win rate on him , like I said it's only because some new people started to play him , his popularity is ranked #6 across 140 champions , he's in the top 10 most played champ. I was right and I knew it. no matter what you people say , facts are facts. and yes I play Dr.Mundo , hahahaha! (evil laugh)
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