I hate the negative bias toward Riven for the past year in terms of balance changes

Her win rate is literally inflated by one tricks that have hundreds of games on her, if her play rate went up to 10% and a bunch of new Rivens started playing, she would be at 46-47% win rate Everyone in this meta got buffs that do well against her Renekton got buffs (and a new item ER) Fiora got buffs Darius got buffs Urgot/Sion/Aatrox/Poppy/Klepto viktor/aftershock lissandra are all meta that counter her hard She doesn't have a rune she syncs well with, conqueror is okay, but half as good on her as fervor was her build path sucks because of the change to BC a while back No life steal built into her kit No armor pen in her kit ( why did Darius need an increase in armor pen in his kit when he does true damage from his ultimate??????? ) I'm just sick of people saying "oh but, Adrian/viper/dekar get challenger with her every season, she's fine" YOU CAN PUT THEM ON MOST CARRY TOPS AND THEY'LL GET TO CHALLENGER BECAUSE OF THE KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE OF THE GAME Edit; DO NOT THROW THE ARGUMENT OF SHOJIN COMING IN SEASON 9, every single champion in the game also gets to build that item, it's not exclusive to Riven. Darius might build it, Renekton will build it, Fiora will build it. ect...
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