The PBE Talon Nerfs Are The Wrong Way to Nerf Talon - By a Challenger Talon OTP

Hi, I'm Yamikaze. I have 4k+ games combined on pre-rework and rework Talon since S2 and I was Challenger for 5 months this season. Currently D1 because Talon is straight up broken and perma-banned anywhere above D2 (and probably D5 at this point). After months of waiting, the Talon PBE nerfs are probably the worst nerfs Riot could have implemented. For those who aren't aware, the nerfs are: Rake (W) * damage lowered from 50/65/80/95/110 to 50/60/70/80/90 * return damage lowered from 70/95/120/145/170 to 70/90/110/130/150 The main problems that make Talon broken in this meta are his insane waveclear with Tiamat (you can literally clear a wave with W-Tiamat-AA-meleeQ, leading to Talon being able to avoid interaction with any mid laner post-Tiamat buy) and his strong early game damage (which used to be balanced by Talon falling off lategame, but in high elo, games no longer go long enough for Talon's weakness to be abused). This nerf seems to be directed at the first problem, waveclear. With damage nerfs at max level W, you can no longer clear caster minions in one W at lvl 9. But the problem is, without being able to 1-shot casters, Talon is forced to build Tiamat to kill the caster wave (which most players already do). And the thing is, for the players who are already building Tiamat, this won't solve a thing. The tiamat active will still kill the caster minions after a W and Talon will still be able to clear a wave with the combo above. The damage nerf to champions is irrelevant as well, as Talon's mid game powerspike allows him to overkill most squishies with one combo, so the 20 damage both ways won't do a thing. Rather than simply whining and demanding that Riot finds a better solution, I've come up with some recommendations to nerf Talon in a healthier way. Obviously I don't want all of these to be recommended, but I believe that all of them are better than the current nerfs on PBE (which are honestly a joke). * NERF HIS Q RANGE. Talon doesn't need a long range on his Q. Its short range before the bug fix was balanced by his insane mobility on E. Can't get in range? Walk out of lane and use your E. Now, since your q range is the same as most mage abilities or adc autos, Talon literally walks up and kills carries with little counterplay because the counterplay of staying out of Talon's q range is no longer a thing. High q range does nothing but lowers Talon's skill floor and makes Talon strong into many matchups where he previously struggled (think champs that could poke him out of his Q range in lane, as they now take Talon's full Q-W-AA rotation when they try). * Nerf his base MR. The MR buffs a couple patches ago were designed to help Talon survive in rough lanes with low q range. Now, with the increased Q range and the absence of difficult poke matchups in high elo (Ryze, Azir, Orianna), Talon no longer needs 39 base MR. Combined with a corrupting pot start versus poke or just AP matchups in general, Talon gets a free ticket to his first back, where he picks up Tiamat and can avoid laning versus the enemy laner entirely. * Increase his W cd. Although this doesn't solve the problem of Talon insta-clearing waves with Tiamat, it provides a greater window of vulnerability for Talon when he uses W to clear the wave, which is still healthier than the current nerfs (that do straight up nothing to Tiamat buyers). * This one may be over the top but, shift some of his early/mid game power to lategame by nerfing his early passive damage and giving his E a passive that gives bonus AD per level (so he remains relevant as he puts points into E, as not getting anything but cdr is one of the main reasons why he falls off so hard lategame). It seems that, with Talon's current state of being broken early and garbage late, he's either gonna be broken when the meta is short games or garbage when the meta is long games. * Nerf Tiamat. Perhaps this can be done by increasing the cost or by reverting the +5 AD buff. While I can't make a statement for the other champs that use Tiamat (as I'm a Talon OTP), I think a 1.2k first buy (or 850 if you start long sword) Tiamat results in waveclear that is too easily accessable for melee laners. With the shift away from waveclear mages, perhaps waveclear melees may need a nerf as well. Hopefully someone at Riot sees this and will reconsider the PBE nerfs :)
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