PSA: You won't have (as much) fun in the meta you weren't designed for.

If an adc does well against your particular role, guess what, this meta will be "the worst meta ever". If your role becomes meta you'll be on here doing one of two things; spamming message boards with "it's not that bad guys, we have a clear weakness obvs" or "HAHA HOW DOES IT FEEL ADC'S! THIS IS THE RIGHT THING BECAUSE I AM GOD TIER NOW!! JUSTICE!!! JUSTIIIIICEEEE!!!!" Been playing since season one and league has followed this cycle for a looooooong time. Learn to deal with it, there's always gonna be something that's too strong, and if there isn't top tier players find one and ruin everything lol. Hell, I'm tired of the kind of damage adc's get when ahead, but it will end and then I'll be tired of the amount of X champ class X can do. Pre-season is gonna turn the game upside-down for a long while, just be patient.
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