So far the gameplay in preseason 10 has been poor

Honestly I don't even know where to start with this. The problems of season 9 have been multiplied. Evelynn is still able to walk around the map without being seen and oneshot whoever she pleases. Her 'warning' from her W is more of a "you're going to die" than a warning. But that's just salt for me to be honest with you. Let's look at the changes you made to the dragon. Oh my. Now it's even harder for you to come back because the enemy team stacks up on their RNG dragons and become impossible to kill. And if I'm being completely honest with you none of my games ever even last long enough for the Elder Dragon to spawn so I don't have an opinion on the execute. And now the already snowballing team can have not only one, but two free turrets thanks to Rift Herald, and all the losing team can do is sit back and watch their base get destroyed while having no way to stop it because they're 150 CS down and working on their first item while all the enemies are on 5. I mean seriously this game is more coinflip than I've ever seen it. You guys better fix it by the time season 10 rolls around or this game will die. It's already on the ropes and this preseason is making it even worse.

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