For the next several patches, can we please have nothing but constant nerfs to everything?

I saw a thread which said PtA should be buffed for melee champions. No. It shouldn't. You know what should happen? Nerfs. Lots and lots of nerfs. Everything about the game is absolutely insane right now. Most notably, damage and CDR. Both of these things should be toned down, gutted even. I don't want to see a Vayne 3 shotting someone just as much as I don't want to see an Ornn winning lane with a braindead W spam. I don't want to see Lulu perma-shielding a Kog'Maw who then proceeds to press W and afk while my entire team melts under him. I don't want to see Janna spamming maxed W for poke every 5 seconds. I don't want to see a _support_ Xerath chunking my bot lane for a quarter of their HP with just his base damage. I don't want to see Nasus out trading me at level 2 and getting free money and stacks with Kleptomancy. I'm sick of getting killed by a Twitch who appears out of thin air and then obliterating me (oh, and the rest of my team as well) before any of us have time to even react, let alone CC and burst him. I'm sick of a single mid game push resulting in 2 towers and an inhibitor followed by a dragon, all because one idiot on the other team got caught out by a stray hook or whatever. Oh, and that's without Herald. I'm tired of beating an AD assassin in lane, only to have them eventually gather up enough money for a Duskblade, and proceed to squash me like a bug as soon as they have it, as if my lead was non-existent. I've had enough of getting camped by a Warwick, seeing him sprint towards my poor ass at some 500+ move speed. I'm sick of Vladimir, just Vladimir; I hate everything about him, I hate how ridiculously difficult he is to kill, even with his pool on CD. I hate seeing Tristana, Vayne, Xayah, Ezreal or any other ADC with reliable self-peel abilities. It's not bad enough I have to dig through countless shields, slows, stuns, knock-ups, knock-backs, polymorphs, you name it, only to have the ADC who I have now supposedly gotten on top of as, say Camille or something, dash, blink, stealth or become untargetable and get away. Oh, and then obviously 3 shot me. I could go on, but I hope I've made my point clear. Please, for the love of God, you have no idea how difficult it is to try and remain patient, calm and collected when this is what we have to deal with, because the balance team, who I don't for a second believe have any clue as to what they're doing with this game, are doing what they're doing. Snap out of it already, you've had your fun, no one cares about your precious LC$$$, so stop catering to the 0.0001% of your playerbase (i.e. the _pro_ players), and start looking at what the average player wants. Speaking of this, what the hell was up with season 7 worlds? Why was Ardent Censer allowed to go through to worlds in its completely broken state? "We don't want to make significant balance changes because the pros won't be able to adapt". Really? Then what kind of pro players are they? I would expect pro players to be able to adapt to large scale changes much quicker than an average player, to come up with new strategies and champion builds pretty much on the spot. I don't think they need months to do that, especially not when that means the rest of the playerbase having to deal with shit like the Censer meta, which you refused to end for this very reason. And before anyone brings up Hashinshin, yes, I know he's basically a meme at this point, but honestly I can see why he says the things he does. The game is in an absolutely horrific state at the moment, and it's only been getting worse since at least season 6. Scrolling through the boards recently I have hardly found a single thread praising the game developers unironically. I think that should tell you something, and if it doesn't, then may I suggest a crowbar to pull your heads out of your behinds and get to proper work. No one enjoys teamfights that last 5 seconds, all decided essentially by which ADC right-clicks first. No one wants to have to deal with the ridiculous pressure they're put under during the lane phase, where a single death can cost as much as the tower, leading to an unstoppable snowball and complete and utter rofl-stomp that usually follows. No one likes coming out of a 15-minute game feeling like they literally couldn't do anything about losing it. And I doubt very many people enjoy coming out of a 15-minute game feeling bad for the enemy team after such a total stomp-fest. Losing never feels fun, but right now it feels worse than ever, and even winning makes you feel kind of sorry for the enemies, seeing them pointlessly struggle under your thumb as you crush them with basically zero effort. Come on Riot, what is going on? You know how to make the game fun to play, you've already done it a few years ago, so why have you taken this direction with it? Something makes me think you don't _want_ to balance the game properly. Whether you're actually intellectually capable of it is probably another question, but it seems like you're not even trying anymore. TL;DR: The damage is way too high right now, there is too little actual decision making involved in winning and there is too little that can be done to turn around a losing game, objectives are too easy and too impactful. There's too much CDR everywhere, meaning there is no longer the need to plan your moves carefully, you can just spam everything and hope for the best. P.S: Dear mods, please stop **censoring** legitimate gameplay threads that you don't like. Last thread I saw was someone saying Vayne is so ridiculously overpowered, that not banning her is basically handing away the game for free, i.e. trolling. Stop giving some lame excuses about the quality of the post, it's perfectly clear what OP meant, if you just use a few brain cells, doesn't take Einstein to figure it out.

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