Things i have learned as a Toxic Player

1- It does not make my teammates play better , it does not make me play better 2- Makes me look bad in the eyes of everyone ( even if i may have a reason to be mad) 3- Does not help me improve , since i attribute any mistake to my teammates 4- I have learned that the common factor in my games is me , and therefore I am the problem 5- I have learned that as a low ELO player i do not know everything and have to improve myself. 6- I BELONG in my assigned rank because bad decision making , bad mechanics and bad understanding of champions leads me to die. 7- To not sink to the same level as other toxic players and just mute and carry on In the end anybody who is currently having a negative attitude in the game must realize that it only takes time , patience , practice and watching pro players to get better at the game. There is no need to blame others , one must learn to hug tower , realize being behind in cs is better than feeding extensively if you are not getting any ganks , trust your teammates and just display better sportsmanship to make League a better place for everyone. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Cheers!

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