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Tbh am I the only one who seems to have a problem with Kayle, i mean i encourage riot in making her more fun and enjoyable to play and all but i feel like they have made her into a complete no skill champion and it becomes more and more obvious higher on the elo ladder u go. If ur against a Kayle in lane and the opposing jg plays a heavy cc champ and camps ur lane its very hard for u to deal with the situation. If u play safe let her farm she will just scale and eventually be able to 1 v 5 and if u try to get her behind early u are constantly at risk of being ganked despite the fact that ealry game Kayle has minimal wave clear anyways so its easy for jg to set up ganks since they are norm always the ones being pushed in. As soon as she hits level 6 you are also at risk of being 2v1 tower dived. Of course people can argue that the jg opposing Kayle can also camp her since she has basically no escapes except for a q that slows, but normally it is way easier for Kayle's jg to gank for her than it is for opposing jg to gank Kayle since as i said before Kayle is norm the one being pushed in all the time. Some might also argue that babbysitting Kayle might result in other lanes losing because the jg can just gank other lanes and get them ahead. Yes, i agree with this, a smart jg could leave the Kayle lane alone but that would put a heavy toll on the top laner to try to avoid hard pushing, be constantly warding, and trying to kill her. If the top laner is also playing safe Kayle would just eventually outscale him/her and completely wreck havoc in late game teamfights. The above is all despite the fact that Kayle is a champ with full lock on abilities except q and is able to stay invincible and braindead auto attack while dealing massive AOE true dmg in teamfights. So basically what I am getting at here is that I believe Kayle is a champ that can way too easily abused, all u need to abuse this champ is a Kayle player with little experience and a somewhat competent jg, which is to be expected to appear in a ranked game. I mean I understand that Kayle doesn't have an 100 percent winrate but i believe she is still too strong and easy to abuse early and late game and someone shouldn't be able to lock in a champ and have both a safe early game and an absolute broken late game. I do understand that this requires the Kayle's jg to have good game knowledge and experience about jungling, but that these days aren't that uncommon. The reason why people haven't start all abusing this strat of Kayle having a high kill pressure jg/global assistance team comp is because people have yet to realize how broken this can be you see this in 1 or 2 games out of ur 30 but no one has really been constantly doing this. News travels fast in league and as soon as some public figure like Redmercy or Nightblue3 jumps on the train a massive horde will come to follow. At the end of the day I understand riot is trying to bring the champ back since like the old yorick the old kayle really haven't been seeing much daylight in games of any elo, but making her this easy to abuse is not the way to solve the problem. The old Kayle at least uses mana to activate her AOE true dmg in lane and players still needed to kite in order to stay alive longer. Now since the true dmg, attack speed and AOE all got buffed Kayle players are more open to just be building full dmg and sit there braindead auto attacking with their ult (which now also does dmg upon activate) invulnerability activated on like a minute cooldown. So to wrap it up i think riot should rework this champ before everyone starts doing a 4 supports 1 kayle strat (A bit over the top but u get wut i mean) Kayle should be turned into a more all around consistent champion the concept of a champion that does massive AOE true dmg late game with little to no sidesteping and has a somewhat safe early game is just too broken and easy to abuse as stated in the reasons above. Some other features of Kayle that have not been included above like the prob with Klepto, Grasp, Fleet into melee matchups could be mentioned in comments below. Ty for reading :) If any of yall feel the same way plz upvote
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