If Zoe is gonna have 1400 magic damage Qs that outrange Xerath's Qs on a 4 sec cooldown

Can she at least get Taric-level mana costs, so she actually gets punished in some way for spamming her spells WHENEVER they are off cooldown? Which is every 4 seconds? It's kind of oppressive that she outdamages you at long range (through minions, because her Q also explodes - taliyah syndrome), her passive outdamages you in short range and she can drop a guaranteed kill stun in melee range. Why is the only counterplay "outnumber her"? She's not a juggernaut. Even Sivir can't deal with her because her spell shield has a way too long cooldown, and even if she blocks her Q Zoe still 100-0s with the E + passive combo.
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