Why is lissandra not seen more often?

So liss was/is free this week and i didn't really see anyone picking her (only saw 1 liss on the enemy team). So I thought that means she must sucks since people just jump to the most OP or charecter they see often. So I decided to play her once yesterday and she seems pretty strong, she has a point and click stun that's basically a death sentence and says lol to adcs. I landed against a yasuo, spammed my q to harass and at level 6 I literally just Walked up to him... Pressed R and then q e w ignite and he died. The other team had a fed Vayne with 12 kills while I was at 8. Vayne tumbled and took half my hp in one auto and then I just did the same thing I did to yasuo and she died (funny that if I were playing Katarina I would've died, 10/10 assassin class). Her aoe root and point and click stun says lol to the idea of tower diving her since you'll just be committing suicide by doing that. Her E could be used as a juke in the river (a bit like a LeBlanc W). She also does a lot of damage, if she cases her ultimate on herself, it could stop what would've been a garanteed death from a burst champ. Is this just because of the meta or will this just be another tristina?
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