Get rid of TT funneling already.

I am not naming and shaming players btw. This is the only viable option on Ranked 3v3 past gold 3 MMR, you get a support and a hyper carry to farm both the jungle, and the top lane farm, so the hyper carry is 3 levels ahead of everyone else and finished their jungle item at 5 minutes into the game, whilst having 150 farm at 13 minutes. It is such a pain in the ass to play against, it is also so fucking BORING to play against. They literally just shove the top wave over and over again, and then rotate to their jungle and do that 50 fucking times until the hyper carry gets 3 items at 12 minutes. Yes, I am aware that it has a weakness, but it's still fucking ridiculous. The weakness to it is the fact that the support will be under leveled, but typically the support that gets picked doesn't need items to be viable (Taric, Alistar, Leona). So it completely defeats any point in counter play unless the hyper carry is braindead and ints into the enemy. This shit has completely ruined any fun in Ranked 3v3. Whenever I see a support get locked in in champion select, I immediately just want to fucking close the client because I know it's just going to be a huge drag the entire game.
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