I need speed

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So ip or 'blue essence' takes way longer to earn now. in around a week's game ive gotten around 700ip compared to my usual 1200 and ive levelled up 3 times. chests also take a long time to be earned as I have had 0 chests available all year round, and as you can see by the link I barely covered half my champ pool. Is this a problem not at all I have 10 chests in the bank from last season. I just want to point out that league of legends is getting a bit too slow. I would recommend increasing the speed of which things get earned at least for blue essence (will like 10be a loss and 20 a win hurt?) thanks for your considerations (Just please dont make me have to take this game to the toilet to earn my things. And reward more active players slightly more than emote.) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}

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