AS reduction sucks because it reduces BASE value of the attack speed.

basically speaking, its worth about a {{item:1042}} . thats not the only thing. its extremely situational for it to be that weak. if you aren't building attack speed. you don't care, and if you aren't an auto attacker. you don't care either. also it scales multiplicative which is fair but. back to my original point. cold steel passive is among the shittiest passives in the game because its both a hidden power. but its a hidden power that is pretty meaningless. am negating 300 less attack speed than RUNES give. you know I never bought any of the cold steel items for its passive. because it sucks. I'd vote to remove all of them and instead just add crit damage reduction. idk just throw 10% crit reduction and let it scale multiplicatively so its not overbearing. that would be better.
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