The basic formula for the boards ATM

TITLE: -insert comment about dynamic queue/season 6 sucking- -complain about dynamic queue or season 6 (it helps if you type in caps or leave little to no information- -hope to get past dislike trolls- -receive up votes- really guys. This is the basic formula for the boards lately. It crowds out other, better posts (i saw a huge, very well made champion concept with -1 votes and 1 comment). After the hundreth post ive seen about s6 or DQ with no rioter responses, WE AREN'T GETTING ANYTHING DONE. If you want something done, stop playing ranked, stop buying RP, and try to get others to do the same. Spamming the same posts over and over again gets old, I hate the way season 6 is and the way DQ is ruining ranked but Id rather see champion designs or funny memes than "GIve us solo Q" 100 times.
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