Keystones are the main reason the game is how it is, nerf them or remove them

Back in season 6 there was a reason that jungles champs like {{champion:120}}, {{champion:59}}, and {{champion:79}} among others weren't treated like assassins that could absolutely 100-0 you in half of a second if you ever dared to walk up. The damage keystones were limited and only one granted access to immediate burst being Thunderlords. It was better to go a keystone like courage of the colossus or strength of the ages to capitalize on your CC to shields in a teamfight or just go for the raw hp. Now, not ONLY has the damage of thunderlords been amplified with electrocute, but even more "le epix oneshot xdd" keystones such as dark harvest and predator, along with other damage keystones have made their way into the game. Courage of the colossus was considered cancer when it just granted a shield for landing a CC. Now? You will hear predator go off and have an 800 ms hecarim erase 3/4ths of your healthbar with just an EQ. The older keystones also had their own amount of counterplay as well. Don't want to get destroyed by the enemy darius in lane? Just don't go for long trades to let his fervor stack up. Now? Tough luck pall, better wait until he doesn't have anything to auto to even attempt to trade. Keystones have not improved the game and have only given everyone more tools to cheese others with.
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