This is absolutely uncalled for, and a huge mess for high elo players... As you can see, I am currently as "FILL" WTF? Hello, I am currently at challenger 141 lp, and I am here, extremely annoyed by this new champ select. With the old one, I would get 5 minute queues and get my role 90% of the time, because people in this elo know each other and what they can do. Now, I'm getting my role maybe 65% of the time and these obnoxious queue times like this link up here along with 10% of the time against a full LCS team. I literally can't play a game due to the queue times. Solution? PLEASE make it where if you are ranked master or higher you get the old champion select. The new one is only being used because of lower elo players and their problems, but completely screws over high elo players since there is a lack of players. Again, the roles being selected before each match is completely useless in this elo, because people know each other anyways and give their role up. I've also never heard a streamer like Meteos say one positive thing about these new champion select, mainly because of these queue times that are easily avoidable for high elo....please riot
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