Patch 8.18 is absurd

Okay, first of all, lemme just say this. Yes, I am a Gnar main. So I maybe a bit bias about this. But why the hell does riot think it's okay the make Gnar even squishier in mini? I do agree that Gnar maybe a bit too opressive. But why not just nerf his damage instead? I'd be perfectly fine with some damage nerfs to Gnar instead of his base armor being lowered. I play gnar not because he can do some pretty good damage, but because with a good team and proper communication he can give a good advantage in team fights with his ult and w. And unlike some toplaners, he's not super easy and can't really carry the game. He's not op in any sense rn, and is in fact doing pretty bad in solo q. Also, the vayne cool down reduction on her q is a completely uneeded buff to her early game. I feel like she's going to be played so much now after the tank changes last patch. She and kaisa are going to dominate. And the renekton changes are even more aids. I don't know his exact winrate, I think it's around 52% in diamond. But I really think they're unneeded. Pls riot, stop ruining ur game balance just because of fucking worlds. Edit:
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