Yasuo is like the one top laner that actually has counterplay

Garen-Point and click and do tons of damage Darius-Same as Garen except you can dodge the pull Irelia-Stun and win. That's literally all you do. Jax-Same as Irelia except he has an aoe stun Teemo-Point and click blind, dot damage (with no cooldown) and stealth Unlike these top laners, you can dodge Yasuo's main damage source, his 'q' (not including auto attacks), and he can't even ult you if he doesn't land it (not including teammate abilities). He also can't ult if cc'd, or if he doesn't have vision of his target(s). Also, other top laners can afford to be tanky and still have good damage. Yasuo cannot do this. After removing the free armor pen his ult gave him, tank Yasuo is no longer viable. Another thing worth mentioning is that he doesn't have a reliable gap closer. Unlike other top laners who can use their ms boosts/dashes whenever they want (Riven, Fiora, Garen, Teemo, etc) Yasuo can ONLY use his dash if there is an enemy around. If there's no enemies he can't do sh*t. Finally, unlike other top laners, Yasuo does not have reliable cc. Yasuo is a fun champ, but he's more of a liability to his team due to the immense counterplay present in his kit.
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