You can't just treat the whole year like it's the preseason - you need to take more time to balance.

Back in the day you had one big patch with huge macro changes at the end of each year - the preseason patch - with lots of smaller balance changes following the months after that. This system worked decently well. The big preseason patch could tackle the bigger problems of the game that had accumulated over the last year which small and simple balance changes simply couldn't deal with. The interroom period between seasons on the other hand was used to clean up the chaotic mess and collateral damage the preseason patch would inevitably leave behind, with small balance changes like buffs and nerfs here and there, while collecting data and accessing the situation for the next preseason patch. As time progressed, Riot changed the system to two big patches per year instead of only one, the preseason patch and the midseason patch. But now it has escalated to a system where these big patches happen **12 times a year, every 4 weeks.** And I gotta say, it's gotten out of hand. At this point the whole year is a preseason, an inconsistent, chaotic and imbalanced mess. Because sweeping game changes happen every 4 weeks now, the interroom periods between these big changes that are supposed to clean up the side effects and collateral damage these kinds of patches leave behind with balance changes is way too short. As a result, each patch is creating more issues than it is supposed to fix and it's becoming more and more evident to the community at large. I know you want to keep the game fresh and exciting, but you also need to acknowlegde that you need time for things to settle down, to focus more on balance, to let the players get used to it all and to collect data and make proper plans on what to do for the next big patch. Otherwise it's just change for the sake of change, with no clear purpose or end goal in mind.
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