League of Pokes

Man i fucking hate this playstyle, i'm getting sick of it. Everybody uses these champions that are poke based and only require one skill to proc thunderlords, or they use some dot champion that makes DFT do retarded amounts of damage, Fervor for autoattack champions that just sit back and fuck you while you can't match their damage output, they increased death timer, weak-ass turrets, keystone masteries, buffing champions that need reworks or nerfs, and nerfing the ones that need buffs or reworks.. responding with "oh it's for the good if you stay in the long run" well guess what, 3 years of playing this and this game is finally turned to total shit. Tanks are the only thing that are good for this game. The game design just implodes on itself because it's playstyle is called "being a passive aggressive fucktard" Dont believe me? Just look up the definition of "passive aggressive" then look up videos of pro players. Thought so. I know this thread gets a lot of downvotes but i honestly don't give a damn, league of pokes is what I'm calling this game from now on, sure it's fun to "have all these interactive masteries and skills for defeating your opponent" but you should know it's just as unfun to be kited or facerolled into and being able to do nothing about it just because they have one kill and you don't. Sometimes casters, streamers or people in general claim deaths or kills because of "outplays" or "counters" all i'm going to call it is broken ass shit that synergizes well with your current keystone mastery. "but wait, you can do this too" Yes, I'm aware, but it is getting so OLD!! oooh Don't even get me started on {{summoner:4}}... hooooly fucking shit. You either use this or you don't use it because you're one of the rare cases of a niche champion that functions better without it.. nobody sees it as broken, yet if you use cleanse and ghost everybody will look at you weird.. Seriously, complain more about Yasuo, Lee Sin, Mundo, Jax, Poppy, Shen and all that but remember that Flash is used at least quadruple times more than your most hated freelo champion.
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