Kassadin is underrated

If you picked before the enemy Kassadin, how can you outplay him? Against AP champs he blocks all poke using his q which gives him a free magic shield and also trading back, buying corrupting pot keeps him alive the whole laning phase even if you do get some damage on him, has a silence that can cancel any midlanders channels and after he buys Rod of Ages he’s all but unkillable unless if you three manned him. And then he scales super well into the late game, capable of oneshotting carries like a Diana and still able to get back out from sheer tankiness and his R being on such a short CD. Asides from banning him, i don’t know how I can outplay kass (I’m a kat main, so if anyone knows how to play against him as kat please let me know.) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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