Has anybody else just, ceased getting excited for new champions?

Every time my thoughts are "It is either going to be an attempt to be excessively unique and/or be busted as fuck on release(or with post release buffs), then will drop off the face of the earth and nobody will give a fuck about it." I personally am more in favor of new maps/map skins, reworks and features. And the last time I felt excited about a new champion was two years ago. They all either end up like Aurelion, so 'unique' they are never played. Or like Camille, so overloaded they break the game. Plus Riot no longer ever just releases 'generic' champions. One of the best things about generic champions is I can go "I feel like being an arcane wizard today. And Riot has one!" Nowadays if Riot released an arcane wizard it would have seven fingers on one hand, one wing sticking off it's opposite side and use a sword to cast arrows at enemies. Just to be 'unique'. Then would have a million fucking tools in it's kit. I say this because I saw the new teaser image but instead of going "CANNOT WAIT to see what the new champion is!" I got flashbacks to bullshit like Ivern. Maybe I am just alone in this.
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