The PBE has been down for 2 and a half weeks, first update is a nerf to... SONA??

This deserves a HUGE explanation from Riot games. Why in the hell is Sona getting nerfed AGAIN? Is she really crowding out that many supports? NO HELL NO she's not. As a matter of fact, support has some of the best variety out of any role in the game by a long shot. You can actively play any of these supports while not gimping your team in anyway: Morgana, Thresh, Braum, Leona, Janna, Nami, Sona, Zyra, Vel'Koz and J4. Lulu is tier 2, she has issues vs many of the supports due to her constant nerfs. Taric is tier 2.5. You can't honestly tell me with a straight face that Sona is more toxic to play against than the Zed/Fizz/Leblanc/Akali/Katarina mid lane meta that has been DOMINATING this game for the past month. My question is why? Why is Sona being nerfed over and over again when champions like {{champion:64}} has been DOMINATING IN THE JUNGLE FOR THE PAST 3+ SEASONS????? 0 nerfs. I can tell you that Sona has not, in anyway, negatively impacted bottom lane balance. I don't get it, I really don't at all. Edit: I know this was a knee-jerk reaction to the nerfs and I know -5 base MS isn't that significant, but she's been nerfed consecutively for the past month or two and I don't think she's deserving of this type of treatment. Riot refuses to address the real issues plaguing the game and by the time they address them, its months behind schedule. When do you think Lee Sin will be nerfed? Probably never, because LC$BIGPLAYS. How about a rework on Akali? That won't happen. How about some Zed/Fizz nerfs? Nah, that won't happen for 6 months. I'm just frustrated with the way the pre-season has been handled. I understand that balance is out of whack during this time, but I expected fixes/changes pretty consistently throughout this time period. Instead Red's are MIA on the forums, balance changes are VERY small and conservative and champions that are obviously being abused are not even on the radar for the Balance team.
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