As a Tank player, I am currently forced to play Bruisers or Assassins in jungle

[]( Good morning, and I hope this doesn't come too Crypost. I'm the player Salvor, from the LAS server, I've been playing mainly tanks from the S5, I got to Diamond this season, and currently have a team that we practice with almost every day. Well, getting to the point, I just realized, that my pool of champions is practically reduced to the few who are not tanks. {{champion:58}} , {{champion:28}} , {{champion:9}} and {{champion:59}} AD. My jungle tanks, which I enjoyed playing during the S5, S6 and S7, are no longer useful or suffer a lot. {{champion:154}}: When I play it I get invaded by the rival fighter-killer jungle, and I have no way to defend myself but to escape, or to make time for an ally to help me. {{champion:79}} : In the previous season he was so nerfed that he had 45% or less winrate the whole season, and they "solved" it by buffing the Gragas AP, leaving the tank completely out. {{champion:113}} : I don't think it's necessary to explain, everyone knows its current state and we hope that Riot will solve it. {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} : Their tank versions (with only 1 damage item) are not what they were, and now they have to build almost full damage. {{champion:106}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:32}} : Old skills kit, need work, or buff that leaves them broken for play (sadly). {{champion:54}} : Only AP viable, like Gragas. {{champion:111}} {{champion:57}} : They received buff to carry them jungle, but their slow cleanliness and speed of movement makes them unviable. {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} : I think they are the only viable tanks in the jungle, not because of what they can resist, but because of their Damage and CC. I don't have the magic solution to this, it could be a nerf to conqueror, a buff to some tank item, small individual improvements, the point is that improving the useful life of the tanks (not making tank META) would be beneficial, both to lower a point the damage meta, as to make more viable the marksman who are currently suffering. Thank you very much for reading, excuse me if my English is not perfect, and save the comments of "tanks are brain-dead", "we don't want goal of tanks" for another place.
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