Changing Solo XP will Make Toplane Worse not Better.

Currently, every toplane champ (Most meta champs, but every single toplane one) suffers from a serious balancing issue, that makes them unfun and oppressive to play against in almost every cases, yet simultaneously unsatisfying and unable to carry in high ELO at the same time. The problem is XP. Imagine the following situation, Yorrick (Conq/Corrupting Start) into Gnar (Fleet/DBlade Start), a game I just played an won hard. Gnar fucks up early, doesn't grab control of the wave, gets overwhelemed, and can't get enough wave control to oppress the Yorrick. He's down farm on a ranged laner, against a melee matchup. Level 5 to Level 6. Theres a fight, he loses flash, eventually ganked pre 6 and dies. He's currently 25 CS behind. He goes Phage, Yorrick takes Sheen Tabis. Level 8, they both fight, Gnar is half health, Yorrick is about 4/5ths. Fight starts on the wave, gnar transforms, and does 850 damage through tabis and armor rune in his rotation, followed by another stun whos range is inescapable after the slow from his combo. The time not CCed, was exactly long enough for the cast animation of Yorricks E. They've now both died once, Gnar is still down a good 25 CS like earlier, but all the progess made since then is lost. Yorrick loses a decently big wave to tower. In the all in when the both immediately get back to lane, who wins the all in? {{champion:150}} This guy. Why? Because he is significantly tankier than Yorrick at this point, being a tank statted champion with a ruby, and he does significantly more damage even when down items because he is a level up. All the farm gnar missed as a ranged laner, losing what should be an unlosable matchup, being grossly outplayed in lane, is irrelevant, because thats not where Gnar's damage comes from. Its all base damages. His cooldowns are lower, because hes supposed to scale into a utility and CC tank. But the end result is that he just hits harder because he passively is ahead XP even though he only won 3 of the dozens of lane interactions in the last dozen minutes. The same is true of champions like Irelia, Jax, Aatrox, Urgot, Garen, Darius, Pantheon, and Mordekaiser. Even Yorrick himself is guilty, and I love playing him, and I HATE that is how he works. I hate how much of his damage doesn't require a lead to be utilized. I mean sure, it feels cool be able to just randomly win some fights, surprising the enemy with damage that adds up fast like I am draven, but that comes at the expense of getting to feel like a true carry when I earned a lead. It averages out the play experience, it does it TOO much and it comes at the expense of being able to carry, it comes at the expense of mastery and skill. It comes down to who can abuse the meta champs most effectively, and is willing to follow the checklist of steps to maximize the single path riot left for them, rather than explore a variety of paths based on quick thinking, strategy, or mechanical prowess at different game stages. Its truly unacceptable, that just remaining even in XP, just standing in the lane, doing nothing. Mordekaiser can all in the darius, whos 75 CS to 30, because his kit has so much passively baked into it. All the freezing, outlaning, better trading, warding, rotating, and wave management the Darius did is irrelevant because one bad fight when the jungler showed up, and suddenly the gold deficit doesn't matter. Hes even XP, and as a champion that scales better than Darius, he can stop that lead growing, and there is so much free gold on the map that the entire early game is erased. Dozens of minor and major victories, all erased, because none of them were "4 man dive him at level 3, and deny waves to the tower" Speaking of which: **Dives and Ganks** Have become so cancerous, because they are actually what makes the game. Did you sit there and win lane against an opponent who just rolled over and never fought you, missed all his gold, and never did anything. Did your jungle never come make the play, there was never a chance to deny XP to the enemy. Do they just have levels and CDR now, and even though you're significantly advantaged in gold, and postured and itemized to carry, the sheer volume of base stats, damage, and low cooldowns on high utility and mobility renders your entire midgame irrelevant and they can farm free gold off the bounty system in a mid game you have been erased from and that just kind of rolls by because you have to rely on your team. Congratualtions, you have gotten the solo queue classic Uncarryable game, and you are right to blame your jungler. Because no matter how well you played, Riot has shoved their big fat XP range fist up your ass, and without a gank your advantage is meaningless in midgame and you don't matter, because all the ways for you to capitalize on this lead are taken away the availability of cheap, effective damage and utility through the magic of base stats and CDR. You're not a hyper carry, and by the time they would pay the price for their itemization and early mistakes, the one and a half item {{champion:24}}/{{champion:39}}/{{champion:6}}/{{champion:266}}{{champion:86}} is blowing up your carry every fight, because ADC sucks, and you're a useless melee champ. This is how its simultaneously true that: * Jungle matters too much to toplane * Jungle impact is unrelated to being better than the enemy jungler * Toplane Can't Carry * Toplaners are cancerous, OP, and make ADC useless * Better Bot Wins
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