Question regarding ward/sweeper slot

I play Jungle. I main {{champion:113}} . Now I'm climbing through Silver fairly easily at the moment. Gaining about 22 LP per win and losing maybe 8-10 on loss. I know if I keep the same attitude and help my team I'll be out of silver and into gold again but something bothers me. I usually have a ward for the first maybe 7-8 minutes and then i switch to a sweeper. However, people aren't warding too often down in silver so I really lose out on trying to eliminate vision which results in a terrible vision score. Should I stick with the sweeper and just say screw it or should I switch to a blue trinket that way I'm providing vision for my team and still boosting my vision score? Because one of the largest discrepancies between my Sejuani play and others in Silver is vision score. But it's not like I'm not trying to provide vision. I just never run into wards in the places you'd expect silvers to ward (dragon, baron, the river bushes, bot and top bushes, behind the buffs). What should I do?
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